Fraud and Theft Management

Put an end to fraud by controlling your fleet

Save money and time by detecting bad practices in your operations. Fuel control, maintenance, vehicle misuse... with Pulpo, avoid actions that waste resources and reduce your profitability. Analyse fuel efficiency and driving patterns to uncover bad practices.
Fraud and Theft Management

Save money by avoiding "inflated" costs

Automatically records expenses from the card or payment method. Compare reported expenses with invoices to detect fraud or unexpected behaviour.

Prevent your team from wasting time

No tickets or photos. Create automatic alerts and tasks if limits are exceeded. Automated workflows.

Make the right decisions

Find out which vehicles, drivers or departments commit fraud. Let them know the consequences and decide to penalise them or charge them the difference. 

Receive alerts if any event occurs

Receive alerts if any event occurs

Know all the details of your operation and assign tasks to the team or drivers when they need to perform an action. Stay on top of everything that's happening in your fleet. Assign each member of your team their respective tasks and track their work progress.

Fuel efficiency and control
Fuel Efficiency

Fuel efficiency and control

Find out the fuel efficiency and the cost per kilometre travelled by each vehicle quickly and easily. Compare consumption and prices of suppliers or groupings to reduce costs. Avoid fraud and obtain a more profitable operation.

Centralize and Manage Every Expense
Expense Tracking

Centralize and Manage Every Expense

Pulpo tracks your fleet expenses and warns you of every anomaly or unusual charge so you don't exceed your budget. For example, Pulpo will send alerts whenever extra mileage exceeds leasing contracts.

Digitize your payment processes by submitting trip expenses via our driver mobile app. This will prevent fraud or lost invoices in your fleet.

How does Pulpo help you with fleet control and management?

Monitor and analyse any malpractice in your fleet.
  • Monitor the status of vehicles and drivers at all times.
  • Uncover fuel efficiency anomalies.
  • Match all payments with expenses and invoices.
  • Save time and money when balancing cash.
  • Analyse fuel efficiency.
  • Register all receipts and tickets digitally on the platform.
  • Get rid of fraudulent drivers.
  • Create anti-fraud policies.
  • Receive alerts when any parameter is out of the norm.

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