Route Optimization

Choose the best routes for your vehicles

Make the same journeys with fewer vehicles or cover more journeys with your existing fleet. Pulpo enables companies to make their operations more efficient by generating the best routes. Make the most of every minute and every drop of fuel.
Route Optimization

Create efficient routes without downtime

Select the units, working hours and delivery points. Our algorithm returns the best routes for each driver.

Save on fuel costs 

Get your drivers to cover unbeatable distances and spread their journeys intelligently. Save on fuel by making them drive fewer kilometres. 

Reduce delivery times 

Streamline routes and get your deliveries done in the shortest possible time. Increase customer satisfaction and save costs of all kinds. 

Expedite Processes With Tasks and Alerts
Tasks & Alerts

Expedite Processes With Tasks and Alerts

Know all the details of your operation and assign tasks to the team or drivers when they need to perform an action. Stay on top of everything that's happening in your fleet. Assign each member of your team their respective tasks and track their work progress.

Stay on top of what's going on with your drivers with Pulpo's app
Driver App

Stay on top of what's going on with your drivers with Pulpo's app

Keep track of what's happening with your fleet with the driver app. React quickly thanks to real-time alerts and send alerts to colleagues when you need them. Be alerted about pending maintenance, expiring documents, or service incidents.

Indentify and control the cost per driver

Indentify and control the cost per driver

Get control of your fleet and drivers at all times. Set up action plans to monitor fuel, tolls, accommodation and meal expenses.

How does Pulpo help you optimise your routes?

Create efficient routes and save resources in your deliveries with Pulpo.
  • Automatically generate optimal routes.
  • Assign vehicles, drivers and schedules.
  • Check the status of deliveries in real time.
  • Receive alerts on the status of goods or if there are any anomalies or delays. 
  • Share information with your customers. Improve trust and satisfaction with the service. 
  • Automate work processes and create action flows in case of delays or missed deliveries.
  • Find insights about your operation: more efficient vehicles, more fuel-efficient vehicles, surplus vehicles...
  • Make the same deliveries while reducing kilometers driven.
  • Save fuel costs and extend the life of your vehicles.

Do you want to optimise your routes?

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