Fleet Profitability

Control your fleet's revenues

Record revenues and calculate the profitability of your operation.

Track revenue and understand the profitability of your operation. Find out which types of vehicles generate the most revenue and profitability so you can make fleet decisions.

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Centralised revenues for the most efficient management of your operations

Digitise all revenue data to save time and avoid errors or loss of information. Share information with your team and other departments to achieve more efficient management.

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Make smart operational decisions based on real data

Where is the best workshop for maintenance, or the most efficient fuel type for your vehicles? Get visibility of all your fleet data and generate profitability reports.

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Understand cost-effectiveness by comparing revenues and costs

Cross-reference revenue with expenses to see how profitable each aspect of your operation is. With Pulpo, detect opportunities for improvement by observing and analysing your data.

Key Feature Benefits

  • Calculation of profitability per driver, vehicle and supplier.
  • Full visibility of how revenues and expenses are distributed in the operation.
  • Intelligent decision making based on profitability reporting.

  • Reduction of costs and augmentation of units' revenues.
  • Efficiency by having all the data in the same tool.
  • Anticipation of actions to take advantage of fleet opportunities.

Track and record your fleet's revenues

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