Legal deadlines

Keep your contracts and maturities up to date

Don't forget any administrative payments or renewals with our alert settings.

Centralise all the legal information of your vehicles and ensure greater security in your operation with the configuration of alerts or reminders.

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Anticipate maturities and renewals

Avoid stopping or overcrowding your operation due to vehicles that are not up to date with their legal status.

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Save on overdue administrative fees

Avoid penalties by setting reminders and alerts.

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Centralise all your fleet's legal information

Formalities, insurance policies, leasing contracts, licences. All reminders remain in the same place.

Key Feature Benefits

  • Save costs by avoiding penalties for late payments or violations.
  • Increase the availability of your fleet and avoid vehicle immobilisation.
  • Smoothly renew vehicles on leasing or renting plans.
  • Keep your fleet safe by managing insurance policy renewals in a timely manner.
  • Keep drivers' licences and IDs up to date.

Optimise your operation with the alerts of Pulpo

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