100% controlled logistics and higher-value service

Get full visibility with Pulpo, from warehouse inventory to final product delivery. Make smart decisions with real data and start streamlining your distribution channels.

Manage your routes and maximise the profitability of each vehicle.

Choose the best routes, vehicles and drivers to get more journeys done. Integrate GPS and odometer with Pulpo and monitor where the units are. Receive alerts when a service ends. Get the most out of each vehicle.

Centralize and Manage Every Expense

Pulpo tracks your fleet expenses and warns you of every anomaly or unusual charge so you don't exceed your budget. For example, Pulpo will send alerts whenever extra mileage exceeds leasing contracts.

Digitize your payment processes by submitting trip expenses via our driver mobile app. This will prevent fraud or lost invoices in your fleet.

Control your fuel consumption and save

Multiply the profitability of your operation. Avoid freight-related fraud, monitor fuel efficiency by vehicle, type, driver... and save hundreds of dollars by increasing efficiency.

Red Aduanera - Logistics

Maintenance management and fleet control allow Logística Red Aduanera to save 20% in corrective maintenance and repair costs.

Save time, avoid mistakes

Centralise all your fleet data in a cloud-based tool with 24/7 access. View information in real time, with no errors and no loss of information - and forget about paper!

  • Record all vehicle and driver data
  • Assign drivers to available vehicles
  • Control the status of all vehicles
  • Centralise your fleet-related expenses
  • Access to documents and data at any time

More profitability with the best routes

Cover journeys while making the most of every minute and every drop of fuel. How? With data. Make the same journeys with fewer vehicles or cover more journeys with your existing fleet. 

  • Optimise your routes and make more journeys with less fleet.
  • Control your fuel consumption and save
  • Create alerts and tasks for your team with assignments.
  • Make journeys more efficient, increase the service life of your vehicles.
  • Check and care for the wear of your tires.

Save 30% on repairs

Anticipate with a preventive maintenance plan that allows you to keep your fleet always in operation. Save on repairs and increase vehicle safety. Ensuring a quality vehicle operation is within your reach.

  • Plan the maintenance of your fleet
  • Receive alerts when it's time to go to the workshop.
  • Alerts and tasks to the people in charge
  • Extend the life of your vehicles
  • Avoid having vehicles immobilised in the workshop due to breakdowns.
  • Always keep your vehicles in perfect condition

Integrate other tools with Pulpo

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