Fleet Control

Control Every Fleet Area of Operation

Pulpo gathers all vehicle, driver, provider, fuel and toll information to keep you operationally aware of your fleet at all times. Integrate your tool ecosystem and visualize your data in real time.
Fleet Control

Driver and vehicle management

Track your individual vehicle and driver status and availability in one platform. Send notifications to drivers on route assignments, tasks and updates via our mobile app.

Controls all costs of the operation 

Comprehend your fleet TCO and profitability through detailed reporting on fuel, expense, insurance, and ticket costs per vehicle and driver.

Manage fleet maintenance

Leverage predictive modeling to increase fleet availability and mitigate risk on the road. 

Digitize Your Documents In One Place
Document Management

Digitize Your Documents In One Place

Pulpo enables you to access any fleet related documentation within a few clicks to avoid losing valuable information stored in emails or locally in a computer.

Centralize and Manage Every Expense
Expense Tracking

Centralize and Manage Every Expense

Pulpo tracks your fleet expenses and warns you of every anomaly or unusual charge so you don't exceed your budget. For example, Pulpo will send alerts whenever extra mileage exceeds leasing contracts.

Digitize your payment processes by submitting trip expenses via our driver mobile app. This will prevent fraud or lost invoices in your fleet.

Stay on top of what's going on with your drivers with Pulpo's app
Driver App

Stay on top of what's going on with your drivers with Pulpo's app

Keep track of what's happening with your fleet with the driver app. React quickly thanks to real-time alerts and send alerts to colleagues when you need them. Be alerted about pending maintenance, expiring documents, or service incidents.

How to manage your fleet operation effectively?

Manage a nimble fleet operation that adapts to needs in real time thanks to efficient communication with our mobile app.
  • Control your fleet by registering driver and vehicle information on the platform. Upload driver and vehicle information from any device.
  • Schedule tasks such as insurance renewals, maintenance, payments due or mileage limits, among others.
  • Track vehicle status and plan trips.
  • Manage vehicle maintenance.
  • Assign vehicles to drivers and notify them for confirmation.
  • Track fuel charges, odometer readings, and maintenance requests, among others.
  • Be notified of any accident or breakdown in your fleet.
  • Identify vehicles currently overspeeding.
  • Manage any fleet related expense.
  • Send digital invoices instead of paper expense sheets.
  • Find out which vehicles are most efficient and cost-effective.

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