Save up to 30% on tires

Control your fleet's tires and save by choosing the most efficient tires.

Centralise all tire and tire-supplier information. Control the wear and performance of each tire. With Pulpo, find out when to change tires or change their position on the vehicle. Compare the efficiency of different brands and models, and choose the best tires for your operation. Offer safety to your drivers with tires in perfect condition.

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Compare prices from your suppliers

Analyse and compare all suppliers, brands, and models. Find out which tires are most efficient and which ones you should choose for each vehicle based on their performance.

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Increase the profitability of each tire

Find out how to make your tires last longer. Change the positions to get the most out of them with the maintenance plan. Analyse their lifecycle and reduce your tire costs up to 30%.

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Save on fuel with good tires

Always have tires in good condition for more efficient driving and less wear and tear. Save and be fuel efficient to generate significant savings in your operation.

Key Feature Benefits

  • Analyze and optimize each tire lifecycle.
  • Anticipate issues and accidents directly related to tire wear.
  • Manage your CO2 emissions from rubber wear.

  • Receive the latest tire brand and model catalogues.
  • Manage tire changes, rotations, and retreads for each vehicle.
  • Use our machine learning to schedule tire maintenance and changes.

Save up to 30% on tire costs

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